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The Green Card by investment program, also known as EB-5, offers non-U.S. persons an opportunity to gain permanent U.S. residency for themselves and their immediate family. Investments must create 10 jobs for U.S. persons and the minimum investment is $900,000.

This site is dedicated to helping potential EB-5 petitioners better understand the program requirements, benefits, and process — for the best chance of receiving immigration benefits and the full return of capital.

How to participate as a potential EB-5 investor

As a potential EB-5 investor looking for general program information, visit our Basics homepage. If you are ready to start comparing Immigration Lawyers, or Investments, visit these links. If you want to ask a question, our Q&A. is where you ask a question and will receive an expert response, unless it is considered legal advise. If you have a topic in mind, use the tool below to Search any Keyword or Select a Topic from the dropdown.

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How to participate as an immigration lawyer

As an EB-5 immigration lawyer who specializes in EB-5, you can review unanswered questions, and questions without a best answer. Or use the search box and type in a keyword to find a topic you’d like to write about. Participation requires you to register. Your profile page will then be created and includes your contact information, links to your website, blog, articles you’ve written, podcasts, webinars you’ve spoken on and your answers to EB-5 related questions.

How to participate as an industry stakeholder

As an industry stakeholder, whether you’re an economist, regional center, issuer, securities lawyer, tax advisor, business plan writer or other industry participant, this site is here to help you promote your expertise. Smart, clear answers that show your knowledge and demonstrate your authority. To participate on this site, register here which will build your Profile page and includes your contact information, links to your website, blog, articles, podcasts, webinars and your answers to questions.

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