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Sonia Oliveri

Rimon Law
(305) 390-4248

Sonia Oliveri’s practice focuses on business immigration, EB-5, and on commercial clients’ immigration and international business needs. A native of Italy, Ms. Oliveri is fluent in six languages: English, Farsi, Italian, French, Portugese and Spanish. Ms. Oliveri is a highly accomplished immigration attorney. She assists corporate clients, foreign corporations and investors with complex corporate transactions and immigration matters, with an emphasis on the EB-5 program, E-1/E-2 treaty trader and investor programs, H-1B visa matters, and L-1 intracompany transferee visa applications. Ms. Oliveri counsels foreign national clients on obtaining green cards through either individual direct, pooled investments, or regional center EB-5 investments, nationwide. She serves clients seeking solutions to complex immigration and business issues. She also works with employers and human resources departments on I-9 compliance as well as H-1B and LCA compliance. She regularly counsels businesses on immigration-related regulatory compliance issues including employment-eligibility verification issues, E-Verify and I-9 audits, internal audits and reviews.Ms. Oliveri represents clients with domestic and international interests concerning international/cross-border transactions and international estate matters. Clientele from all over the world -- specifically Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and India -- rely on her cultural experience and global international background and perspective for matters that require cultural sensitivity. She leverages her international business abilities and interpersonal skills in complex international matters, corporate and immigration-related. Ms. Oliveri presents creative solutions and identifies issues before they become problematic, while delivering the highest levels of customer attention and care. The combination of her international business and multilingual background allows Ms. Oliveri to bring unique expertise to the EB-5 arena. Her thorough understanding of the broad issues associated with business migration to the U.S. permits her to recognize and communicate to clients many of the complex issues of the U.S. business immigration processes outside of the traditional application filings with USCIS. Ms. Oliveri has also served clients worldwide including treaty investors (E-2), and traders (E-1), immigrant investors, regional centers, multi-national managers and corporations, small businesses, artists, entertainers, athletes, students, trainees, professionals, managers, executives, employers, and individuals seeking solutions to complex immigration and business issues.Ms. Oliveri has developed strong professional relationships in her field. She provides advice on the complexities of immigration matters to the clients of numerous U.S. investment groups, regional centers, and developers. Additionally, Ms. Oliveri advises these groups on EB-5 program compliance, including developing new projects that qualify for EB-5 investments, preparing amendment filings, and applying for exemplar petitions. Ms. Oliveri works with securities lawyers, economists, business plan writers and other professionals on the preparation and filing of regional center designations and regional center amendment applications. From the beginning of her career, Ms. Oliveri has been responsible for filing hundreds of EB-5 petitions. She also advises individuals, businesses and regional centers on EB-5 compliance issues and complex U.S. immigration and nationality matters. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Oliveri was a partner with Kelley Kronenberg, where she created and led the firm’s EB-5 and Immigration practice groups. Prior to that, Ms. Oliveri was an attorney for a major immigration investment law firm. There, she gained experience in business immigration, advising high-net-worth foreign nationals and companies on business agreements, business and investor visas, commercial lease agreements, contract negotiations, corporate formation, employment, employment-based applications and global immigration.

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