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Site visits in EB-5 are an important part of the adjudication process, as they are used to verify the information provided in EB-5 petitions and to ensure that the investment and job creation requirements of the program are being met. USCIS officials conduct these visits to the project sites associated with EB-5 investments.

Site visits may also be conducted by third-party firms to conduct due diligence on EB-5 projects. A due diligence site visit is performed to assess the current state of the project and local demand generators. This type of visit is a vital part of the due diligence evaluation of an investment project and may be conducted by an investor and/or a due diligence firm.

During a due diligence site visit, the visitors may tour the project site, meet with management, and to gain a deeper understanding of the project's feasibility, potential risks, and benefits. These findings can help investors make informed decisions and provide valuable information to USCIS officials during the adjudication process.

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