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Administration Fee

An administration fee (admin fee) in EB-5 is a fee charged to EB-5 program participants to cover the costs associated with administering the EB-5 investment, including legal and accounting fees, due diligence expenses, marketing expenses and ongoing administrative costs.

If an EB-5 investor's capital investment was deducted by the admin fee, their investment would likely fall below the required minimum investment amount, which is currently $800,000, if the investment is made in a Targeted Employment Area. This could lead to the denial of the investor's EB-5 petition, as USCIS requires that the full investment amount be at risk and not subject to any repayment, including administrative fees.

How Much Are Admin Fees Generally

The EB-5 admin fee is usually a percentage of the investment amount. In 2023, with a minimum investment amount of $800,000, admin fees are typically around $80,000.

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