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Oppenheim explains recent Indian retrogression, hopeful for positive change in October

In the latest “Chatting with Charlie,” Oppenheim explains the reason for the Indian retrogression in the July Visa Bulletin: The goal of the State Department is to maximize visa use in the first eight of nine months of the fiscal year; at this point, no more unreserved Indian visas will be used for the remainder of FY 2023. “Hopefully, for October, the India unreserved date will return to at least June 1, 2018, when new supplies of visas are available.” Immigration lawyer Joey Barnett comments that EB-5 backlogs are not a country-cap issue but require Congress to increase the overall limit to meet demand. The last employment-based visa increase took effect in 1992 — there have been no increases in over 30 years, despite what Oppenheim calls an “enormous increase in demand.”

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