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New 2022 data shows national unemployment rate decrease; EB-5 TEA threshold drops to 5.48%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released the Local Area Unemployment Statistics for 2022, showing a decrease in the national unemployment rate to 3.65%. The new threshold for an EB-5 high-unemployment targeted employment area (TEA), which must be 150% of the national average, drops to 5.48%. The unemployment rates of major counties across the US have also plummeted. As two examples, year over year, Los Angeles’ unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%, from 8.9%, and Miami-Dade Country dropped to 2.6% from 5.2%. Both BLS data, as well as American Community Survey (ACS), can be used for TEA status. New ACS data will be published in December of 2023.

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