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Can a pre-RIA regional center wind down and not pay any USCIS fees? 

While a recent settlement between USCIS and multiple regional centers offers some guidance, immigration lawyer Robert Divine observes that it still lacks vital clarity. The termination of a pre-Reform Act regional center for failing to file a new Form I-956, and pay the $17,795 fee, will not harm the investors sponsored by that regional center. But the settlement does not clarify if a regional center is similarly allowed to not file the annual report Form I-956G with a fee of $3,035 or the new Integrity Fund fee of either $10,000 or $20,000. It appears, says Divine, that a regional center can stop paying fees and fulfil its other contractual obligations to investors, “but USCIS needs to make this, or any other interpretation, much clearer.” Lack of compliance, he warns, can have severe consequences.

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