“Broker/dealers bring risk management and compliance to the table that EB-5 Issuers ought to leverage…. From a risk mitigation standpoint, it makes a lot of sense.” — Securities Attorney Bob Cornish.

Awarded Securities Attorney Robert V. Cornish talks about how broker/dealers can be vital to both Issuers and Investors.

Hear why finders are “always a conundrum” for Attorneys and Issuers — and the perils of monitoring a foreign associate. Bob discusses the “really dangerous game” of marketing for Issuers — and how a broker/dealer can help. 

EB-5 Investors, learn how broker/dealer guidance can give you the financial expertise, EB-5 experience, and transparency you need to make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re offering an investment or choosing one, this podcast can help you avoid critical EB-5 pitfalls.

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