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EB-5 Statistics

EB-5 Statistics: Which are most important?

There are several EB-5 statistics of importance to both investors and industry service providers.

For investors, I-526 and I-526E processing times are of significant concern over the last several years.  At the time of this writing, USCIS has published a median I-526 processing time of 47.2 months. This is for standard processing and does not apply to expedited processing or the priority processing for rural investments established by the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022.

For investors from backlogged countries, the wait time for an available visa after I-526/I-526E approval is also of paramount importance as this can take several years.

Investors may also be interested in I-526 and I-829 approval rates. I-526 approval rates have fluctuated over the past several years but have ranged from about 75% to 90%. I-829 approval rates tend to be more consistent and in the low 90% range.

For EB-5 industry professionals and service providers, noteworthy statistics may include those of concern to investors as well as EB-5 activity according to country. The countries most active in EB-5 right now are China, India, Vietnam, South Korea, and Brazil.

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