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Oppenheim speech: EB-5 could lose then gain visas; India is ‘current’ and may not face retrogression ‘in the foreseeable future’

Posted by GCBI Team on June 18, 2020

Chief of Visa Control and Reporting Division Charlie Oppenheim spoke at an industry panel June 16.Notable highlights: due to consular closures, thousands of EB-5 visas may be lost this fiscal year; but EB-5 can gain thousands back in FY 2021...

Chicago lawyer who sold EB-5 investments denied in bid to dismiss SEC fraud lawsuit

Posted by GCBI Team on May 27, 2020

Lawyer Seyed Taher Kameli was denied his bid to dismiss an SEC EB-5 fraud lawsuit against him. The complaint accuses Kameli and his two fund managers of charging more than $4 million in undisclosed fees to investors, and using $16...

Indians looking for their best university options often look to EB-5

Posted by GCBI Team on May 27, 2020

In 2019, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs declared that over one million Indian students were in foreign universities. The top-five countries for Indian students as of 2018 have been the U.S., Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. EB-5...


USCIS EB-5 Processing Times define ‘abnormal and delayed processing’

Posted by GCBI Team on June 18, 2020

EB-5 expert Suzanne Lazicki has investigated the “disconnect” between the USCIS processing times report and the reality of much shorter average processing times. She states that the reported times “in...

An introduction to E-2 Visas: the fast-track in to the U.S.

Posted by GCBI Team on June 18, 2020

Listen to the podcast here For some foreign nationals hoping to live and work in the U.S. E-2 can be either exactly what they need or serve as a bridge...

How is COVID-19 impacting TEA’s?

Posted by GCBI Team on April 8, 2020

EB-5 economic consultants Impact DataSource have answered questions on how the pandemic may impact Targeted Employment Areas. First, he points out it will not really affect rural TEA’s, only high-unemployment...


Investor options with troubled projects

Posted by GCBI Team on March 19, 2020

Troubled projects make headlines. And they make investors lose not just sleep but sometimes their capital or immigration benefits. Veteran immigration lawyer Robert Divine discusses why projects fail and how...

The Silent Dog Is Barking!— Corporate Governance in EB-5

Posted by GCBI Team on March 19, 2020

Corporate governance wasn’t an issue in the EB-5 world till just a few years ago — when SEC enforcement made it one. And now, even with successful and law-abiding projects,...


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