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Implications of the Grassley Leahy Bill

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Jun 26th, 2015



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Implications of Grassley / Leahy Bill

American Job Creations ||abc|| Investment Promotion Reform Act of 2015


  • Investment amounts
  • Effective dates
  • Grandfathering
  • Exemplar approval required
  • Processing time limits
  • Source of Funds:*´Loans´*´Gift
  • TEA eligibility
  • Job reation metholology*´50% ´- w/ in MSA or county*´90% rule´- indirect*´30% rule´- from non EB5
  • TEAs gert 5K visas
  • Use of RC fees
  • Concurrent filing
  • Removal of conditions* 2 years after investment
  • Premium processing
  • Disclosures of intermediaries
  • Disclosures of agents
  • Jurisdiction is defined as U.S.

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