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Jinhee Wilde is the CEO and Founder of WA Law Group, LLC. She began her legal career as a prosecutor in Chicago and then as an Attorney Advisor and Special Counsel at U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Having spent first 10 years of her legal career with the Government, she states that she still has a mentality of a Government lawyer. Thus, she strives to anticipate and provide more than the minimum required by regulations. Anticipating and providing what the Government officials may be looking for seems to be the secret to her near 100% Approval track record in hundreds of cases she handles. During her 36 years of legal career, Jinhee had a diverse and unique background: as a corporate lawyer facilitating multi-million dollar, multi-national transactions, as a government prosecutor/attorney, and now 20 years as an immigration lawyer focusing on business and investment immigration practices. Jinhee uniquely combines being a fierce advocate and personable adviser to her clients and brings her straight-forward, candid attitude throughout her personal and public life. She takes all of her clients cases as if they were her own, which is attested to by numerous, satisfied clients who rave about how the entire office of WA Law Group go above and beyond what other law firms do for their clients. Jinhee has been voted multiple years as Top 25 EB-5 lawyers, Top 100 Attorneys by Top 100 magazine, Top 10 immigration lawyers by Attorney Practice magazine and as a Legal Superstar by Newsweek.