About greencardbyinvestment

We believe in the power of transparency and knowledge in EB-5. That’s why we have created this online community for EB-5 applicants, immigration lawyers, and stakeholders in this very distinct and specially regulated immigration by investment world.

Besides offering insight and advice from the best professionals in the industry, we believe in presenting this information in a way that’s intuitive and easy to find.

What makes us different

Potential current applicants can search our Question & Answer section to find solutions to their specific EB-5 questions or issues. And lawyers are notified when a new questions is asked so that it can be answered promptly and by professionals with years of experience in EB-5 immigration. Greencardbyinvestment moderators may give Best Answer status to one or two responses. This helps applicants quickly find what they’re looking for — and knowa question has being answered by a reputable professional.

Immigration lawyers and other stakeholders can easily see what queries have been made and are free to answer them. We especially encourage this if there is no Best Answer selection, or even just one Best Answer. It’s your chance to share your knowledge, shine, and give a potential applicant reasons for trusting you and feeling comfortable about possibly working with you going forward.

EB-5 applicants will be happy to see that it’s simple to review the history and qualifications of the lawyers they see — and interact with. They can see a lawyer’s biography and professional accreditations, website, blog, EB-5 filing history and even a video introduction of that lawyer. Because sometimes seeing and hearing a person talk can make all the difference in getting a sense of whether that person might be a good professional partner.

For lawyers themselves, it’s intuitive and easy to promote yourself here. If you’d like a video profile and aren’t sure how to proceed, the greencardbyinvestment marketing team is happy to help. Use this opportunity to tell applicants why you’re great, what makes you you’re different, and how you can help them with their very specific and individual needs

We do all this for our members — at no cost — because any great community needs great relationships. And that’s why we make it easy for potential applicants and lawyers to interact and even start a relationship. And when an applicant and lawyer are ready, you can take the conversation and relationship offline.

Besides a robust Question & Answer functionality, we also offer specially curated information for anyone from EB-5 newcomers to seasoned industry veterans. Our EB-5 News section presents the latest and most interesting and informative stories on everything in the EB-5 world from policy speculations and shifts, to troubled offerings and legal drama, to the latest stats and best practices. We take stories from reputable media outlets and condense them so that’s it’s easy to get to the heart of a story quickly. And if you’re looking for even more information, we link the original media source (as long as it’s not behind a paywall).

Our Industry Insight section is our blog featuring top immigration lawyers and other industry professionals. The subject matter ranges from in-depth policy analysis to lighter but still interesting stories about lifestyle in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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