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Multi-family Residential and C...

Development of a mixed-use multifamily residential and commercial rental building....

Mixed-Use Office Tower

Development of a 33 story retail, office and residential building....

Marriott Branded Hotel

Development of a 126-room, 6-story Marriott hotel

Urban Mixed-Use Development

An urban mixed-use development featuring 815 townhomes, 400 multifamily units, 66 single-family homes, 300,000 square f...

Residential Lofts

Development of a five-story, 262-unit apartment complex.

Luxury Hotel and Condominiums

Development of a five story, 99-room luxury hotel and 39 condominium units....

Marriott Branded Boutique Hote...

Development of a 187-room upper-upscale Marriott affiliated boutique hotel....

Master Planned Community

Development of a master-planned community for up to 2,379 homes, including a wide variety of single family homes, townh...

Mixed-Use Tower

Development of a mixed-use complex.


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