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Is USCIS ‘making up’ processing time estimates to deter lawsuits and influence behaviour?

Posted by GCBI Team on July 23, 2020

Looking at inventory data, anecdotal evidence and previous reports, EB-5 expert Suzanne Lazicki disputes the agency’s latest I-526 time processing range. She surmises “USCIS has started just making up numbers to protect themselves against lawsuits.” She thinks the reports are...

Hong Kong is a top EB-5 market — with one in three residents looking to emigrate

Posted by GCBI Team on July 17, 2020

IIUSA has published a special report on Hong Kong. Despite only having a population of 7.5 million, it’s a top-10 EB-5 market, and has been growing since FY2013. For the last several years, Hong Kong has also had a higher-than-average...

Quiros surprises everyone — including co-defendants — with plan to plead guilty in EB-5 fraud case

Posted by GCBI Team on July 17, 2020

The biggest EB-5 fraudster of all-time, Ariel Quiros, dropped the bombshell that he will plead guilty to charges in the AnC Bio fraud case. The project took in more than $80 million of EB-5 money but nothing was ever built. Quiros...


‘Smart’ tax planning for EB-5 investors begins long before a Green Card

Posted by GCBI Team on April 29, 2020

EB5 Investors Magazine has published an article on how Green Card holders can minimize their tax obligations. The process should start at least two years before the move to the...

The U.S. Green Card by investment process

Posted by GCBI Team on January 6, 2020

Overview  The EB-5 program fundamentally requires an investor to select an eligible investment that is “at risk” and one that creates 10 full-time U.S. jobs. The investment amount is  $900,000...


Investor options with troubled projects

Posted by GCBI Team on March 19, 2020

Troubled projects make headlines. And they make investors lose not just sleep but sometimes their capital or immigration benefits. Veteran immigration lawyer Robert Divine discusses why projects fail and how...


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