Q3 2020 EB-5 numbers: I-526 receipts remain extremely low; I-526 denials leap to 37%

Posted by GCBI Team on November 26, 2020

After a staggeringly low 21 I-526 receipts in Q2 2020 (Jan-Mar.), the Q3 (Apr.-June) numbers rose to 40 — still a fraction of what they used to be. Of the...

The South African EB-5 market and its unique perspective

Posted by GCBI Team on November 13, 2020

Cape Town, South Africa's second wealthiest city South African broker-dealer rep Carel van der Merwe and immigration attorney Leon Versfeld discuss EB-5 as it relates to their homeland, including currency...

Key considerations when an EB-5 investor files an I-485 to adjust status in the U.S.

Posted by GCBI Team on August 14, 2020

Immigration lawyer Joesph Barnett says there are five things an EB-5 investor living in the U.S. should know about filing an I-485 to receive conditional permanent residency. Key points include:...

EB-5 tax implications for Canadian investors

Posted by GCBI Team on July 31, 2020

Canada, a top-20 country in FY2019 for EB-5 visas issued, has taxation implications for departing EB-5 investors that should be considered in advance to mitigate the impact. Afterwards, the taxation...

Does the world’s biggest country have big EB-5 potential? Da!

Posted by GCBI Team on July 1, 2020

IIUSA has published an article about the Russian EB-5 market. While this region has its challenges, it represents great potential with 246,000 millionaires (U.S. dollars). And despite political tensions between...

Can cryptocurrency be approved as a source of funds?

Posted by GCBI Team on July 1, 2020

An article from EB5 Investors Magazine explores the phenomenon of cryptocurrency as a legitimate source of funds for investors. Unknowns make many  EB-5 professionals wary of dealing with such cases; ...

Ethical and practical considerations in EB-5 representation

Posted by GCBI Team on June 25, 2020

Immigration lawyer Carolyn Lee has written about ethics of EB-5 representation. Lawyers without EB-5 experience may want to refer to or work with an experienced EB-5 attorney. And the issue...

USCIS EB-5 Processing Times define ‘abnormal and delayed processing’

Posted by GCBI Team on June 18, 2020

EB-5 expert Suzanne Lazicki has investigated the “disconnect” between the USCIS processing times report and the reality of much shorter average processing times. She states that the reported times “in...

An introduction to E-2 Visas: the fast-track in to the U.S.

Posted by GCBI Team on June 18, 2020

Listen to the podcast here For some foreign nationals hoping to live and work in the U.S. E-2 can be either exactly what they need or serve as a bridge...

Brazil is producing more millionaires — and more interest in acquiring a ‘priceless’ future in the U.S. via EB-5

Posted by GCBI Team on June 10, 2020

IIUSA published a story about how EB-5 is becoming more attractive to Brazilian investors.  Top reasons cited include the quality of U.S. education (including sports programs for young children), safety,...

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